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Free YouTube Videos

Savannah films free YouTube videos to help everyone start the process of positive training with their dog!

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Silent Conversations

This website is a wonderful resource for dog body language! This is one of my specialties and I think it is really important for all dog owners to understand the subtleties of how dogs communicate with us!

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Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock is a wonderful resource for working with deaf dogs!

Christina Lee and I are in contact and constantly sharing information about how to improve the lives of deaf dogs everywhere! My training videos and blogs are found on the DDR website as well!

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Savvy Dog Training's
How to Get Started and Marker Training

Found on our YouTube page

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Morgan's Dog Training

Intro to Enrichment

Morgan Fox of Morgan's Dog Training

A FREE course on various types of enrichment and how to engage with your dog daily using fun games that make your dog think, process, and build confidence!

Resources: Team Members
Resources: Team Members

Separation Anxiety Support

"Be Right Back!" by Julie Naismith

A wonderful book explaining what separation anxiety is and the best practices for how to deal with and work towards improving your dog's stress level when you leave! 


CARE Protocol for Reactive Dogs

When working with dogs who bark, lunge, or growl at other dogs or people, this is the process of behavior modification that we will follow! 

The Evidence for Positive Reinforcement Training in Dogs

Pippa Mattinson of The Happy Puppy

A great article explaining the transition from punishment-based training to modern methods of positive reinforcement, and how different groups have utilized it for their benefit.

Recommended Products

I recommend buying products from your locally-owned pet store, but there are links to online retailers as well. 
(Please note: I do not make commission or receive promotions/sponsorship from any of these companies. I just really like these products.)

Resources: Products
G2G Treat Pouch.PNG

Treat Pouch

Use a treat pouch that you like and is comfortable for you! Sizes vary.

Dog Treats.jpg


Use treats that your dog likes! You want them to be very small though. Some brands I like are Zukes, Bil-Jac, Pet Botanticals, and Starmark.

Red Kong.jpg

Kong Classic
Enrichment Toy

There are different styles of Kongs to accommodate different chewing styles!



You can choose if you would like to use a clicker. I like them because they are consistent, but another marker is fine to use.


West Paw Toppl
Enrichment Toy

Another enrichment toy I like to use!


Easy Walk Front Clip Harness

At the end of our lessons, I want your dog to walk by your side without a front-clip harness, but this can be a great tool if you need more control of your dog to start.

Long Leash.jpeg

20 - 30 Foot Long Leash

Great for teaching recall or going on walks where you need to be on-leash, but want to let your dog explore.
(Note: I do not recommend retractable leashes.)

Bully sticks.jpg

Long-Lasting Chews

Long lasting chews are great to keep your dog occupied for some time and taste delicious- to them! Bully sticks, Himalayan Chews, and Nylabones are great! 
(Note: I do not recommend rawhide.)

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