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Savannah LeFors

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Hello! I’m Savannah LeFors and I have been training dogs since 2015!  I was the coordinator of Tallahassee Memorial’s Animal Therapy Department and I have been screening, training, evaluating, and managing over 180 therapy animal teams that visited the Big Bend region's healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and schools for over 2 years.  I also have experience assessing and training service dogs as part of an internship. 


I was raised in Saint Augustine, FL, and after moving away to get my degree in Tallahassee at Florida State, I realized my heart lives here!  I am excited and passionate to help the residents of the First Coast bond with their dogs and enjoy everything our amazing coast has to offer!  As a child of two Deaf parents, I am fluent in American Sign Language, so I am also thrilled to provide accessibility to dog training for all Deaf people as well! 

Although I have learned a lot via reading books, attending seminars, and training clients’ dogs, I have learned the most about dog training from my Australian Cattle Dog, Sydney.  Sydney is totally Deaf, so we do things a little differently!  I specialize in dog body language and have learned to think outside of the box to work with Sydney, and can apply my knowledge, skills, and research in science-based, positive reinforcement training to help with you and your dog's needs!


Certifications & Continuing Education

I think it is important to always be learning something new! 
Below are certifications and titles I hold, as well as seminars or webinars I've attended!


  • AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator 

  • AKC Certified Temperament Test Evaluator 

  • AKC Certified Trick Dog Evaluator 

  • AKC Certified STAR Puppy Evaluator 

  • AKC Certified Community Canine Evaluator 

  • Pet Professional Guild Canine Training Professional

  • Deaf Dogs Rock recommended trainer

  • Member of Florida Force-Free Veterinary Behavior and Trainer Network

  • Certified member and evaluator of Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy 

  • Member of Florida Courthouse Therapy Dogs program 

  • Member of Intermountain Therapy Animals R.E.A.D.® Program 

Seminars Attended: 

  • The CARE Protocol for Reactive Dogs, Jennifer Titus, 2021

  • Solutions for Working with Shy, Fearful, or Anxious Dogs, Kathy Cascade, PCT-A, 2021

  • Behavior Chain Fundamentals, Louise Stapleton-Frappell, PCBC-A, 2021 

  • Aggression Treatment and Context, Ken Ramirez, KPA CTP, 2020 

  • Speaking Dog! Canine Communication, Pamela Reid, Ph.D., CAAB, 2020 

  • Defensive Dog Handling, Trish McMillan Loehr, MSc, CDBC, ACCBC, CPDT-KA, 2020 

  • Building Resilience in Dogs, Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB, 2020 

  • Dog-to-Dog Reactivity: The Process of Shaping Emotional Self-Control,

Emma Parsons, BA, KPA CTP, APDT, CDBC, 2020 

  • Reactive Dog Games, Emma Parsons, BA, KPA CTP, APDT, CDBC, 2020 

  • Remote Consultations for Aggression Cases, Michael Shikashio, CDBC, 2020

  • Re-thinking Puppy Socialization, Chirag Patel BSc, CPBC, AAB, 2020

  • Introducing Highly Reactive and Aggressive Dogs, Ken Ramirez, KPA CTP, 2020

  • Tools and Emotions in Training, Cliff Erhardt, 2020

  • Foundations of Agility, Dudley Shumate Fontaine, 2019 

  • Creative Solutions to Common Problems, Pam Dennison, CDBC, CWRI, 2019 

  • Teach the Leash, Pam Dennison, CDBC, CWRI, 2019 

  • Growing Up Tasty: Spice Up Your Training, Dudley Shumate Fontaine, 2018 

  • The Bite-O-Meter, Sue Sternberg, 2018 

  • Understanding Sociability, Sue Sternberg, 2018 

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Savannah (far right) pictured with her colleagues who run the Animal Therapy department at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Animal therapy is a healing modality used in an array of settings to improve physical and emotional health.


Savannah and her deaf Cattle Dog Sydney compete in various dog sports together. Pictured above is Sydney running FastCAT- a 100 yard dash for dogs! 
Savannah and Sydney also enjoy dock diving, sheep herding, flyball, nosework, bike riding, trick training, and competition obedience, but their favorite is agility!