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Private Lessons & Behavior Modification - $135

One-on-One Training that Fits Your Schedule

Private lessons are approximately an hour in length and can be done at the location of your choice depending on the training you want to do. Private Lessons are the best fit for most dogs. The most popular issues addressed in private lessons are: 

  • barking, lunging, or growling at other dogs or people

  • fear-based behaviors

  • excessive barking

  • pulling on leash

  • separation anxiety

  • crate training/potty training

  • greeting people politely at the door

  • temperament testing an adoptable dog

  • inter-dog household issues

  • other home-based behaviors

Packages of private lessons (recommended for behavior modification) are available as well: 

  • 3 Lessons: $389

  • 6 Lessons: $769

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Day Training - Prices Vary - Starts at $135

When Parents are Away, Dog and Trainer will Play

Day training sessions are a good fit for owners who may not have a consistent schedule or enough time to dedicate to training their dog. This program is designed to be an alternative to board and train!  Day training sessions can cover almost anything, from basic obedience cues to reactivity. Please note that even though I am doing the majority of the training, you will still need to be consistent and keep up the skills. I require at least two "transfer sessions" before and after to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

I have also found day training successful for older folks or persons with limited mobility who are unable to physically train the dog themselves. 

I start day training prices at $135 and adjust based on length of time and type of behavior addressed.

Please note: I do not offer board and train, but I highly recommend Mango's Dog Boarding for this service!

Basic Obedience Group Classes - $249

Class is in Session!

Group Classes are 45 minutes to an hour long and they occur at the same day and time each week! They are hosted at Pet Supermarket at 1020 S Ponce de Leon Blvd, St Augustine, FL 32084. 

The $249 must be paid in advance to reserve your spot in the class. It covers all 6 sessions where you and your dog come together to learn new behaviors! 

Behaviors covered include: 

  • sit

  • down

  • stay

  • come

  • wait

  • leave it 

  • heel

  • look

  • and more! 

Please note: For many dogs, group classes are not a good fit. If your dog barks or whines excessively, constantly looks for the exit, or shows extreme discomfort in any way, you will be asked to consider taking private lessons instead with the cost of the class applied to your private lesson package. 

Training a Puppy with Snack
Dog at the Beach

Tele-Training - $75

Remote Dog Training via Skype or FaceTime

I came up with this service specifically to serve the needs of the Deaf community across the United States, but it is available for hearing people as well! Tele-training sessions are about an hour long and take place remotely via videochat. Since I am not physically there, there are some limitations as to what we can train together, but it is great for:

  • basic obedience cues

  • potty training/crate training discussions

  • socialization techniques

  • jumping or mouthing behaviors

  • trick training

  • learning theory

  • positive reinforcement techniques

  • redirection for mild behavioral issues

  • general questions

Please contact me if you'd like to schedule an online lesson!

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AKC Canine Good Citizen or Tricks Class - $249

Above and Beyond - and Ribbons!

As an AKC certified dog trainer, I can offer Canine Good Citizen and AKC Tricks classes and testing! If completed successfully, your dog receives a ribbon and AKC title!

The AKC CGC class ends with a 10-part test which includes:

  • sitting politely for petting

  • walking through a crowd

  • sit, down, stay, come

  • reaction to another dog

An AKC Tricks class aims to teach 10 tricks with a test at the end! Tricks can include:

  • speak

  • fetch

  • high five

  • crawl

  • spin

AKC classes run on an as-requested schedule. If you are interested in taking one, please contact me!


Wedding Day Dog Attendant - Prices Vary

Helping Your Dog Be Involved in Your Special Day

If you're like me, your dog is your best friend and a priority in your life! I would totally want my dog at my big day as a part of all the action and in the pictures, so that's why I offer this service! I can do everything for your pup on the big day, depending on your preference! Some things I have done in the past are:

  • picking your dog up from your home

  • bringing the dog to the wedding

  • walking your dog down the aisle

  • posing the dog for pictures

  • keeping the dog entertained for part of the reception

  • bringing the dog back to your home or to the facility where they will be staying as you and your new spouse travel! 

This service is pretty flexible as everyone will have a different preference and idea for what they would like, which is why the price varies. 

Note: I am able to accommodate multiple dogs for one wedding, but the price would raise (as I would provide each dog their own handler). 

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YAY! We now offer group classes!


They are held at the Pet Supermarket at 1020 S Ponce de Leon Blvd. 

Reservation required to participate. Contact us to reserve your spot!

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Our Services: Services
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