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Highly qualified and well-trained pet sitters available to stay in your home with your pets! 

Savvy Pet Services partners with well-trained individuals who provide superior service and a well-thought-through pet sitting experience, helping the pets be comfortable while their owners are away, and offering peace of mind for pet parents! 

What sets us apart: 
  • The pet sitters are staying in YOUR home. Your pet is not being forced into a new and foreign environment by being dropped off or boarded. The pets stay in their own comfortable home with their things, beds, and toys, and they don't have to interact with other animals or people in overwhelming free-for-all conditions

  • The pet sitters are licensed, insured, and highly trained by way of Savvy Dog Training, LLC  

  • The pet sitters have canine and feline First Aid certification through the American Red Cross

  • The pet sitters have taken a hands-on workshop taught by a local veterinarian on administering shots and giving medication  

  • The pet sitters have been trained in dog behavior and body language by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Fear Free Certified Dog Trainer 

  • The pet sitters will bring equipment to keep your pets safe, like baby gates, Apple AirTags, and first aid kits

  • The pet sitters have read several of the top dog training books and attended seminars to understand dog training methods and how to approach certain behaviors

  • The pet sitters are AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluators

  • The pet sitters are prepared to work with more difficult dogs: reactive, pulling on leash, separation anxiety, pacing, high energy, puppies that are teething or potty training, etc.  

  • The pet sitters have been trained on how to calmly cope, practice self-care, and deal with difficult behaviors and will NEVER raise their voice or physically abuse your pet.

  • The pet sitters will provide access to a live-stream camera if you do not already have one in your home. 


Services Offered

To request a booking, all clients must fill out the below Google questionnaire for pet sitting services!

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